I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,
-Allen Ginsberg, the best mind of his generation

Under the stars

26. října 2017 v 21:59 | - zasněný básník |  poezie
Under the stars
Walking alone in lonely streets,
forgetting hunger and other needs.
Thinking on the taste of your lips and tongue,
honey, together, we'll be forever young.

You should regret the day you kissed a poet in the dark,
on your bed and home, skin and heart, he left there his mark.
You should hate the day you kissed a poet in the dark,
now he's gonna beg and please and lock you in his heart.

I'll love you till my breathing stops,
feeling warm tear as it drops.
Here under the stars that shine,
never forget the love till I die.

Darling, you're my life, my sun and air,
our love is different, wild and rare.
They say to kill your darlings, they say we're done,
but they don't see, you're the reason for what I've become.

You're being wild in our darkest times,
i tried to find a power, my inner fire.
Never succeed, never knew,
how could I, live without you.

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